God uses all things for good

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by Scott Smyer

Several years ago I performed at the Bigfoot Comedy night that raised money for Formando Vidas. I love doing comedy so this was an easy and fun way to contribute to missions without actually having to go. Just keeping it real!

I was told that the proceeds went to help pay for a building, called the Jungle, that would serve as a safe place for the kids to come in a play. Basically, it is a safe place for the kids to come and hang out and have the childhood that poverty took away from them.

That’s all I knew.

So I was excited that my first mission trip would be to Bogotá and would get to see how God used my small contribution. I knew going in that we would be working on a project to paint some murals of a jungle on the walls in addition to visiting other ministries. This sounded great. Back in college, I took a job doing residential construction work. We did a lot of drywall work (some call it spackling or mudding). To be brief, I hated this job. I never once saw any value other than it helped pay for college and would one day help me get another job.

We get to the Jungle and Steve says that we can’t paint because the walls aren’t ready. His drywall guys haven’t shown up in weeks and they are desperately behind.

Hmmmmm……really, God?

I was so happy to say, “I used to do that and I got this!”

So I grab some tools, hop up on a scaffold and start going to town on this wall. It was great! And right in the middle of it, God spoke to my heart. “Scott, what would you say if I went back to you when you were 19 years old and said, ‘Hey, in 23 years I’m going to use this job you hate to bless street kids Bogota’!” It was absolutely incredible! God causes all things to work for good.


Scott in Bogotá

Scott in Bogotá

On another occasion, we went to visit a detox/rehab center for teenage boys withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

Hmmmmm…..really God?

In 2003 my family had to intervene in my life because of drug and alcohol addiction. I went to Lubbock, TX and spent 2 weeks in a detox center and another 32 days in rehab.

So with my wife and daughter in the same room, I shared my testimony of how Jesus Christ has saved me from the exact hell that these teenage boys found themselves in. What an amazing God with amazing grace! God revealed to me that He doesn’t waste anything and uses everything. And if I will just show up with my empty bag and be willing, He will do it all.

He used the comedy that I love, the job I hated and the hell of my addiction. All I did was show up and make myself available and my God did some amazing things!



  • Thanks for sharing this Scott. You are amazing and I pray God will bless you always.

  • That’s not just the best asnwer. It’s the bestest answer!

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