Saying Goodbye

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“Which is more helpful: sending money or sending people?” we are often asked.  While the “logical” answer may seem to be that sending a donation is more cost-effective, we know that when people come to Colombia, lives are forever changed: their lives, the children’s lives, and the staff’s lives.  And often, those who come for a short-term visit or as long-term volunteers  go home so “on fire” that they get others in their community excited and involved.  Many of them have even turned into long-term supporters of the work God is doing through Formando Vidas, so their impact is exponentially greater than a one-time donation would have been! Formando Vidas is a family.  In many families there are a few members who live far away and can’t visit often.  Just because you only see your aunt every couple of years doesn´t mean she is no longer part of the family!  In the same way, those who have for a time been part of the Formando Vidas family here in Colombia, and then go to another city or country, continue to be important for those of us who stay behind… and sometimes they come for a visit, reminding the kids that they are loved, and not forgotten! One of the more difficult things in Formando Vidas — for the kids as well as the adults — is forming attachments to wonderful volunteers who later say goodbye to follow God into other ventures.  But as the saying goes, “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” As we say goodbye this month to three great volunteers, we remember dozens, hundreds, of marvellous folks who have impacted us through the years.  Each one has a story; each one shared part of their journey with us, with these kids; each one has gone on to do wonderful things in their home countries or beyond. Yes, we miss them.  Yes, it’s hard to see the children having to say goodbye, again.  But it is better to know that someone loved enough, someone cared enough, to leave part of their heart here… than to never know love at all. We will miss you, Edwin, Meesha, and Brittany; just like we miss so many others who have come and gone before!  Thank you to ALL the volunteers through the years: your lives helped shape this ministry!
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