Changes on the Inside

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“Before, I didn’t really know God like I do now: in a deeper, personal way.”

This is what one mother expressed to me as she dried her tears after a heart-felt prayer to God. This beautiful lady still struggles with drugs, still lives in terrible conditions, still spends her days looking after people’s parked cars for a few coins an hour. Her years of involvement with Formando Vidas have not drastically changed her exterior.

But she has seen her three children growing up healthy and happy. She arrives to the monthly visit to see her youngest (now a teenager) on a red bicycle that her second son – just graduated from technical college – gave her. And the oldest? She calls frequently, although she is living with her husband, overseas.

4 de Julio 086

This mom and dad, despite their difficult circumstances, arrive with a smile, a hug or warm handshake, and often a funny anecdote. The reflection time at today’s visit allowed us all to see some good and bad events in our year and offer up a prayer for ourselves and the others at our table. She didn’t mention a single bad thing! And her husband’s good events outnumbered the bad!

It is an honor to know them, and to share our joys and struggles around a simple cafeteria table. We may not have made any major external advances in their lives, but they addressed God as “Daddy” in their straightforward prayers, with a clear faith. The internal changes outweigh the external.

Their lives have been transformed, forever.

Johana with her biological family/Johana con su familia biológica

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