Water Hookup

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It’s a long story, but this is a blog, so we’ll sum it up.

For more than ten years, we have been pursuing getting a city water hookup at the farm – the Restored Heritage – and the different government and water company officials keep passing the problem on to someone else. Without city water, we can’t have more people living at the farm; no more children, no more staff.

We have three houses for the purpose of Restoring a godly Heritage to children and their families here, and there is room for more… except we don’t currently have enough water to supply to more!

A mother water pipe passes through our land and we were promised a water connection, but the government has not fulfilled their part of the agreement. God’s vision is clear: the Restored Heritage is to impact many children and their families. We need to see His miracles in providing water urgently, and also in winning the legal battle to get city water! Please join us in praying that the battle will be won quickly and water will be freely accessible so that the houses will be full of children hearing His word and feeling His love.

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