Paper Cell phones

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“This is my cell phone,” she bragged to her second-grade classmates, holding the paper rectangle where she had drawn numbers and a screen.  “It has a password and everything!” She sure was enjoying this game and her friends seemed impressed.  All but one boy, that is.

He reached over and moved his finger across the “screen” in a pattern.  “I blocked it!” he taunted. The note from school said that she had hit her classmate, and the little girl sobbed as she told us the story behind the note!  She had been so proud of her phone; surely it made her feel important during recess, until the boy ruined her credibility!

A paper cell phone may seem silly to us (after all, we are such “mature adults,” right?) but this little one’s frustration and pain was real for her.  Her classmate had just moved her down a few rungs.  Maybe you don’t punch your classmate; maybe no one sends a note home about your bad behavior… but those moments where we feel devalued help show us areas in which we aren’t depending on God as our only source of value. What do you feel you need in order to “be somebody”?  What happens when your “identity-givers” get taken from you?  Invite Jesus into those areas of your life, let Him show you your paper cell phones, give them up and be amazed as He restores your true identity.



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