Madera en Demolición

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We bought some new bunk beds. After walking all over the “furniture neighborhood,” we settled on a style that is very sturdy, with thick columns that feel like they will never be wobbly (like the previous beds)! They are made from “Madera en demolición”: wood from demolished buildings, heavy-duty beams and columns in long-lasting wood. The beds come with a lifetime guarantee.

“How can we tell if it’s really demolition wood or not?” we asked… Because there are businesses that imitate this style, calling it “demolition wood” but really using soft pine wood and staining it to look like the real deal. (They, of course, can’t offer a lifetime guarantee. The wood cracks as it dries and is much lighter-weight and easily damaged.) The shopkeeper explained this to us, and let us see and feel the difference between chairs in the two different kinds of wood.

beds HR

The carpenter told us, “This wood is really great, but it comes out of old buildings, so it takes a lot of work to prepare it. It’s full of screws and nails when it comes to us, which would damage all the machines we use. First, we have to take out all of that junk in order to be able to reuse it and make it into something beautiful again.”

In Formando Vidas, we do the same thing, but with children. And this work, of letting Holy Spirit use us to remove nails and sand out scars, is slow but rewarding. Lifetime guaranteed.

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