Come to Colombia

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In any ministry the most important ingredient is the staff that God sends. These committed Christians come from all over the world and serve from a few weeks to several years; in many different areas. We are always in need of new people and would love to have you serve with us. Formando Vidas is a multi phase ministry and there are many opportunities for service. Of course language is a consideration and your ability with Spanish would determine where you could serve. TEAMS: We welcome small teams that come for 7 days to 2 weeks. If you have a focus on children’s ministry or construction and maintenance or a mixture, we provide the opportunity for the team to minister in the different areas of our ministry and also with other programs that work with children at risk. Bring craft activities, dramas, puppet shows, games and testimonies all with a Biblical focus. Choose a project and bring your plumbers, carpenters, handymen/women, anyone willing to help out. We always have work to do. Contact us to organize the details. See the volunteer form download page.

We currently have a need for volunteers in the following areas:

Support person in 24hour child care

Function: to live in the house with the children, help with housework, cooking, recreation activities with the children, and other daily activities. Basically support the long term main caregiver.  Minimum 1-year commitment.

Bus driver

Function: to drive the school bus  or van and keep them  in good working order (take it to the mechanic when needed) and to pick up donations as required.

Bible Club workers

Function: to work with children and adolescents, young mothers with babies, and families.

Maintenance worker

Function: to carry out maintenance and minor repairs on buildings and equipment.

Web Designer / Publicity worker

Function: to maintain electronic communication and publicity up-to-date, contact potential or current supporters.  Abilities with photography/video/graphic design useful.

Please email us at if you are interested in serving with us.