Together we can change the life of a child. We’ve dedicated our lives to directly change the lives of children in Colombia, investing more effort than a full-time job. We rescue, feed, bathe, clothe, educate, and even raise them in our own families, free of charge. This costs money and we can’t do all this alone.

We need you for this part. Would you help sponsor us financially? We have developed a way to help support the children called “House Sponsorship Program” where you help support a whole house full of children rather than an individual child. What is “House Sponsorship”? In each of the houses that you have just read about we provide meals, clothes, counselling, education, school supplies and a lot of love to some very energetic children. We do all of this without charge and with a great expectation of what God will do in the life of the child and their family. Your sponsorship will enable us to provide these children’s basic needs. Upon request, we will send you a detailed profile of the house that you are supporting – both the children and staff. In addition, you will receive updates on you house twice a year that will contain stories, testimonies, prayer requests and the special needs of your particular group of children. The choices of houses are:

What does it cost? While we ask for pledges of US$30 per month, the amount can be whatever you and God decide. As an alternative to House Sponsorship, for US$30 a month, you can help by:

  • Sponsor one of our projects (ask us for specific details; we’re constantly growing in our vision). Or
  • Sponsor one of our staff members or families (All of  our staff volunteer or charge below professional rates).

We are a public charity, recognized by the IRS (United States) as an approved 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, able to give tax receipts for donations.