After Us

Each child is unique, some stay with us for a few weeks others for more than 20 years. We seek the best for each child, a sense of belonging having roots and stability is very important. When they are are ready they move onto the next step of their lives’ journey.

A Lifelong Family

When the child or adolescent is ready, we facilitate a lifelong family for them, whether it be their regenerated family of origin, an adoptive family, a long-term foster family or Formando Vidas as their permanent family. We commit ourselves to an extensive work with the biological family; united with them to confront their problems during all the stages of working with the child.

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In our Eagles’ Program, we gradually ease the high school graduates out of our nest, while they explore different options which may include an adult discipleship school, job training, military duty when obligatory, and/or a university education. As adults, our ministry graduates contribute to society: at peace with themselves and with God. They will also never send their children to the streets.

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