Camp Joy

DSC_0328 “Camp Gozo” — Camp Joy — is a extended part of God’s vision for Formando Vidas. It is a place where children can experience the joy and love of their Father. The idea is to take the young people out of their environment and give them a chance to be kids again and a chance to have “that camp experience.” We focus on building relationships with the kids and showing them the love of their Father.  Camps officially began in 2013, during the kids’ vacations from school. Logistically, we have 30 young people per camp, and as many counsellors as we can get! We divide them by age groups, and the younger children (ages 8-10) have a shorter camp, whereas the older ones (11-13, 14-18) stay at Camp Gozo longer. DSC_0082 (1) Please pray for our camps and all that is needed to make this a memorable, enjoyable, and life-changing experience for God’s children! The camps occur, during school vacations in June and October.