The Other Way

For many years, needy children received a welcome at our drop-in center “The Other Way” five hours a day, four days a week. In this city center house, the child was able to bathe, have his or her clothes washed, eat breakfast, play, participate in crafts, receive Bible teaching and learn his letters, have lunch, receive basic health care, etc.


Over the last 2 years there have been changes. The volunteers who serve in the Other Way have been few and none are full-time. Also in order to meet health and safety standards for a children’s facility the house needs some repairs and modifications. So through prayer the focus has shifted. The volunteer team has been able to run a weekly Bible study for pregnant teenagers. Our desire is to once again begin prayer walks of the local neighborhood where prostitution is tolerated and poverty, drugs and crime are common place.

If a child or children are in danger we can provide 24 hour protection at our “Strong Tower” crisis shelter, which it is a part of The Other Way. They can live in our shelter short term while we look for concrete solutions for their situation.

Steve tells a story about The Other Way