Friends Club

Santo Domingo Neighborhood, Altos de Cazucá

Located in the south of Bogota, in Altos de Cazuca, the “Amigos” Club reaches out with the Gospel to very needy children, adolescents and parents living in one of the poorer areas. The 4-story building is a safe place, where Biblical values are taught, skills are learning, and fun is had.

Soccer, Arts, Sewing, Games, Tutoring, and discipleship groups all hear a biblical message about an alternative way of life. We develop friendships through crafts, songs and games. The teens have a Bible study and receive mentoring.

Women in Action:

There are three modalities for mothers of boys and girls. All include instruction in biblical values and principles. Job training in dressmaking and use of a variety of related machines. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Saturdays alternate training workshops in the use of industrial machines and personal aesthetics. The third has to do with making handicrafts to decorate their homes and others that they can sell to increase family income.


We conduct training workshops for young people in guitar and percussion so that they can develop their talents. Young people begin to develop other skills, when they have the musical basics, such as teaching new students.

School reinforcement:

Children are helped in the orientation of homework and learning strategies, especially for the
and learning strategies, especially those who have difficulties in this area, together with the
this area, in conjunction with moms.


There are ninety families involved in learning and exhibiting various types of art.


There is a soccer club, for teenagers, where they learn life skills through discipline, passion and recreation. The soccer players learn about commitment, teamwork, keeping schedules, and healthy enjoyment of life. These soccer players also learn about God’s love and how to have a personal relationship with Him.