Jungle Club

A unique tool that provides hours of recreational, challenging and enjoyable fun for children and adolescents in the neighborhood. The inhabitants of this sector have no safe places to play and enjoy their childhood. They live in or near the tolerance zone and many live with the whole family in tenements in a rented room. The doors open two to three times a month and between 100 and 200 children arrive. They spend a few hours enjoying the climbing wall, suspension bridge, dollhouse, skateboards and more. Then we direct them to worship. For some of them, this may be their first opportunity to worship the Lord. They also receive biblical teaching through dramatizations, puppets, scenery, etc. Occasionally, they take home a craft on the Bible lesson of the day. As we build trust with them we also begin to get to know their socio-familial background.

Twice a month we offer a parenting workshop where the focus is for them to feel God’s love and receive strategies to strengthen their homes and relationships.

Through an agreement with a church in the city, pre-teens, teens and young adults (ages 10 to 18) can enroll in the “Discover” program, which are monthly basic job training workshops to develop their gifts and interests in an art and/or profession for the future. The workshops are in fine arts, culinary, design and fashion, computer and aesthetics.

Each donation helps us maintain the program and facilities to change lives.